Waterfall Trail


The Waterfall Trail visits natural and historic features including a hot spring, a waterfall, a small arch, and Civilian Conservation Corps structures. Beyond the trail’s end, the hike continues up Sheep Canyon before climbing up a small ridge.

The trail is located at Beaver Dam State Park. This is Eastern Nevada’s most remote park and is a popular area for hikers and nature enthusiasts who enjoy its primitive and rustic character. Situated in rugged canyon country, this 2,393-acre park is located approximately thirty-four miles east of Caliente and is adjacent to the Utah border. Motorists can reach the park by driving six miles north of Caliente on US 93, then 28 miles east on a graded gravel road that leads to the park entrance.

Weather is highly seasonal with wide temperature swings. Summertime temperatures range from 95º F by midday and drop to 50º F at night. The park is open year-round, but due to harsh winter conditions, heavy snowfalls and below zero temperatures, the access is limited. During these winter months, only vehicles with four-wheel drive are recommended. Rainfall is variable with thunderstorms common in July and August. For more information about Beaver Dam State Park or to obtain current weather conditions at the park, contact the park office.