Ash Canyon Trail

Ash Canyon Trail is located at Echo Canyon State Park. The trail leads into the park’s backcountry and a vast area for exploration. The 2.5-mile trail begins in the upper campground, climbs eight-hundred feet in one-third of a mile to the valley rim, and descends into Ash Canyon. It joins the highway in Rose Valley near the eastern park entrance, and returns to the campground through Echo Canyon. A brochure providing brief descriptions of natural features along the trail is keyed to numbered posts along the route.

Echo Canyon State Park is one of five state parks located in Lincoln County and is a popular area for camping, fishing, hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery of eastern Nevada. It is located twelve miles east of Pioche, via State Routes 322 and 323, and is only about twelve miles from the Nevada-Utah border. The park ranges from an elevation of 5,200′ to 5,600′.

The climate of the area is arid, with hot summers and cool winters. Summer temperatures range from 85º F at midday to 45º F at night. Rainfall is variable and thunderstorms are common. Although the park is open year-round, visitors should be aware of colder temperatures and occasional snow in winter months.