Bristol Well


Travel about 13.5 miles north of Pioche on U.S. 93, then west on a graded road for about 6 miles.

The Bristol Charcoal Kilns were built in the 1870’s out of native stone for the purpose of making charcoal from juniper or pinion wood. The charcoal was used for smelting ore and operating blacksmith shops. The kilns operated for many years and are unique in design, craftsmanship and large size.

Although more than a hundred years have passed, many wood cutting sites can still be found in the juniper forests near the kilns. Huge tree stumps are reminders of the vast amount of labor and resources used to produce the charcoal.

Evidence of the milling operation at Bristol Wells is visible in the smelter tailings, even though all of the buildings are now gone, leaving only picturesque ruins and a stone house.