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Lincoln County offers over 10,000 square miles of high desert beauty. The county has five state parks within a 50-mile radius, five small towns, each with its own unique history, and many other destinations to explore. This website showcases the destinations and events in the county.

A few general words of caution:

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, please travel with care. Remember, this is a high mountain desert environment with open range highways, so please be prepared. Livestock is free to roam across the blacktop so keep an eye out, especially at night. If possible, it’s best to avoid driving long distances after dark.

In many areas, cell phone coverage is spotty at best. It’s best not to depend on having any kind of reliable cell phone reception outside of the towns.

Vehicle survival kits are always a good idea. Some basic items include drinking water, flashlight, food/snacks, blanket or sleeping bag, first aid kit, duct tape, and an assortment of tools.

Some of the destinations require a high clearance vehicle. The terrain can get very rough, and damage to roads is frequent due to harsh winters and frequent flooding.

Most importantly, we hope you have a wonderful and safe experience here in Lincoln County and that you will come back often (and bring your friends)!


LincolnCountyNevada.com is managed by the Lincoln County Authority of Tourism (LCAT), which is the officially recognized agency promoting tourism in Lincoln County, Nevada.

To grow tourism in Lincoln County through marketing and advertising
To increase local Infrastructure to bring in more tourism
To coordinate county event activities with various local organization. 

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