"Go the Distance" Mountain Bike Fest - September & October 2020

Soooo we can’t have our big shindig this year. Boo hoo. Seriously, there were actually some tears shed. But then we got over it and decided to turn a weekend fest into a month and a half of a good time!

Lincoln County offers mountain bikers the next great adventure. Over 40 miles of non-motorized trails are under construction in the county’s high desert. The area’s terrain, beauty, and climate combine to create an unrivaled mountain biking experience. Around 22 miles of trails are already completed and ready to ride.

State Parks

Kershaw-Ryan has the 6.7 mile loop completed on the Mesa (recently named “Redemption Loop”) which is both beginner and intermediate track. Several linking trails have been constructed with 2 more to be completed this spring. Phase I & II are complete and Phase III is 1⁄2 done with balance to be completed by this fall. Total miles upon completion, on Kershaw-Ryan property will between 12-14 miles.

Currently they are working on getting bicycling access to trails from the parking lot/picnic area by building ramps and retaining walls. This is being done by volunteers and Dave Foster, park maintenance. Also, they will be putting in signs and trail markers by September. Phase IV has been approved and grant funds awarded from NV Rec. Trails Program, which will add 4 more miles on the Mesa (2 beginner miles and 2 intermediate).

Cathedral Gorge has a beginner trail that loops around the lower park and a more mountain bike designed trail up on Hawks Ridge (above the park floor).

Beaver Dam has had some repairs that will enhance park visits and perhaps the future gravel grinder event. County roads on the South Side of the campground have been improved with the addition of culverts and road base material to help prevent water damage. The county attempts to grade the roads to the park at least 4 times per year.

Public Lands

Barnes Canyon Trail is completed with 13 miles of single track. BLM has awarded the construction for the
Barnes Canyon Trailhead to be completed in July.

Connector Trail: A connector trail between Barnes Canyon and Kershaw-Ryan is about one-half complete with 9-1/2 to 10 additional miles flagged with the trail building proceeding.

Ella Mountain Trail, down to the connector trail, has 6 miles completed with the balance of the trail flagged for construction which will provide a total of 21 miles.

Additional Trails: BLM has been awarded another grant from SNPLMA (Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act) for more trails and possibly another trailhead. Details are pending.

Skills Park

The Mountain Biking Skills Park in Caliente provides two miles of fat tire fun in a structured setting. Located on a hill adjacent to the city’s Super Park, these trails offer an incredible experience for all skill levels. Now open to the public, the skills park is the perfect complement to the other trails being built in the area.

Check this page often for updated information on the mountain bike trails.

Planning a Trip?

Know Before You Go

The trails in Barnes Canyon are still being worked on. The area sees a lot of cattle traffic and if you come across cows on the trail please don’t spook, harass, chase, or run them. Wait for the cattle to move off the trail on their own, or choose a different route.

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