Annual Mountain Bike Fest

Sweet desert singletrack and a weekend of fun, food, raffles, music, and hanging with the coolest of the cool!

"Go the Distance" Bike Fest

Soooo we can’t have our big shindig this year. Boo hoo. Seriously, there were actually some tears shed. But then we got over it and decided to turn a weekend fest into a month and a half of a good time!
Here’s the deal – you come ride our trails, we give you prizes. Simple and sweet, right?

To qualify for our raffle (watch our Caliente Mountain Biking Facebook feed for sneak peaks of the prizes) you must either:

1. Submit ride logs showing you’ve ridden at least 15 miles of our trails, OR
2. Submit at least 10 separate ride logs between Sept 15-Oct 31.

First 50 people to qualify for the raffle will get a free CAMBA neck gaiter/buff/whatever you like to call it!
Any of the trails in Lincoln County that are listed on Trailforks qualify.
Ride logs can be shared from Trailforks or Strava (look for the share button once you save your ride) or screenshotted and emailed to
We’re also having a separate social media photo contest, to be decided by a panel of three impartial local judges, Prize to be announced, but I promise it’ll be sweet.
To enter the photo contest, post your best photos of mountain biking in Caliente (scenery, sweet trail action shots, Halloween costume rides – all acceptable) on Facebook or Instagram and tag #calientemtbphotocontest.
Winners of all prizes will be announced by November 15, 2020.
Come on out and ride, y’all!

Explore 10,000 square miles of high desert beauty! 
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